About Wheeepe


Our story begins with a passion for responsible sneaker design. As experienced industry veterans and sneaker enthusiasts, we create stylish sneakers with sustainability at the core. We aim to make a meaningful impact through reducing waste and promoting conscious consumption.


At Wheeepe, we believe fashion can make a positive impact.
Our goal: create stylish yet sustainable sneakers using the finest eco-conscious materials and manufacturing.

We prove fashion and sustainability go hand in hand. It's at the core of our mission. From materials to production, sustainability infuses every aspect of our brand.
By choosing Wheeepe, you make a fashion statement and a statement about valuing a better future. We constantly improve to minimize our footprint so future generations can thrive.

Our Philosophy:
Design for People. Care for Our Planet.

Our Mission:
To craft stylish sneakers that are both functional and environmentally conscious.


Sustainability infuses every aspect of our brand, from the materials we source to our manufacturing processes.
Every step we take aims to create a better future - for our planet, and for society. We constantly seek new ways to minimize our footprint and maximize our positive impact. Together, we can make real change. Thank you for supporting our mission.