Better Material Selection

We Making Sneakers with Green Conscience

We curate premium raw materials in order to minimize our footprint.

Recycled Cotton

We use GRS* Certified recycled cotton sourced from a local supplier. Recycled cotton prevents additional textile waste and requires far fewer resources than conventional or organic cotton. This makes it a great sustainable option.

Every tonne of recycled cotton used in our sneakers helps to save over 700,000 liters of water, making a positive impact on the environment.

Additionally, our recycled cotton canvas is breathable and comfortable, ensuring that your feet stay cool and dry throughout the day.

Vegan Nappa

We aim to make sustainable fashion choices that benefit both people and the planet. Our vegan nappa is made from post-consumer bottle waste and is 100% animal-free, providing a premium leather-like touch. Additionally, our recycled polyester, or rPet, is created from recycled plastic bottles and is a crucial step in reducing waste in landfills, while also conserving resources and reducing CO2 emissions during production.

Vegan Suede

We believe in creating sneakers that not only look stylish but also have a positive impact on the world. That's why we use only the best vegan suede for our sneakers. Our vegan suede provides the durability and comfort you expect from real suede, but without any of animal products. We believe that fashion can be sustainable and ethical, and we are proud to offer sneaker lovers a 100% vegan option that looks and feels like real suede.

Blend of Rubber

Our outsole perfectly-weighted mixed natural rubber is gathered from Vietnam.
Natural rubber, comes from a renewable resource, the harvesting of rubber doesn’t harm trees but actually helps the tree to flourish. It protects forests from being cut down as it gives value to the exploitation of the tree.

Bio-based Carbon Foam

Our sneakers' insole mimics the anatomy of the foot with its bio-based carbon foam that's made from natural castor oil, providing arch support & ultimate comfort and it minimizes the impact on our environment.

Recycled Cotton Lace

Made with 100% recycled cotton, has a notably lower carbon footprint, using less fuel, water and energy to produce.

Vegan Water-Resistant Finishing

Elevate your style and protect the planet with Minivet's vegan water-resistant sneakers. Our commitment to using only sustainable and ethical materials means that you can enjoy your sneakers without any guilt, and our water-resistant technology ensures that they'll stay looking great for longer life.

Vegan Glue

By using animal-free glue in our production process, we are reducing our impact on the environment and creating products that are cruelty-free. Whether you're looking for a comfortable pair of sneakers to wear all day, or a stylish pair for special occasions, our shoes are the perfect choice for anyone who values ethical and sustainable fashion.